Dr G discusses what Bad Posture is doing to US ALL and Reveals what she HAD TO DO about it!

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BaX-u is a high quality thin silk posture support designed to promote better posture and to prevent slouching and spinal degradation. It’s barely detectable, and perfectly suitable for work, or play, or while running errands or exercising, all without compromising your fashion or style. 


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Think about this: How often and how long do you use your computer? Play games on a computer? Wear heavy backpacks? Do you Slouch while sitting? While texting? While surfing the net? While driving? When using your smart phone? Do you find yourself hunched over even as you read these words?

When we’re young and growing, all types of injuries can compromise our muscular skeletal health other, and a variety of everyday activities can cause forward body movements that will ultimately affect your spinal health.

Why wear the BaX-u Posture Support?

So can you realistically avoid the integration of the above activities in your life?

No, of course not…but you CAN minimize damages with BaX-u Posture Support. – the essential solution for your modern digital lifestyle.

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