Bax-U Posture Support FAQ Videos

Read our general FAQ here.

If you have any questions related to the our product or postural/spinal health that you’d like to see Dr. Ghassemi answer via video, feel free to contact us!

Will the Bax-U Posture Support help reduce back pain?

Can the Bax-U be worn with a bra?

Is it wearable during exercise?

Is it one-size-fits-all?

How long can I wear my Bax-U for?

How do I wash my posture support?

Does insurance cover the cost of the Bax-U?

Does it prevent slouching?

Will it help with arthritis?

Is the Bax-U a posture support I can wear while breastfeeding?

2 thoughts on “Bax-U Posture Support FAQ Videos

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Manuel
      Yes you can certainly work out with it, just know when you sweat, you might have to readjust the tension on the shoulder strap. (lower the back support, close under chest, and re-tighten the shoulder straps.) You can cetainly wash with soap but we recommend wool-lite.

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