How to Measure For Your Right Size

Watch the video below to see how to size yourself for BAX-U.

Measuring at the Chest Ribcage: Measure at lower rib level. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.ย 

Note: If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to choose the lower size for women and higher size for men.ย 

For best results with the posture system, wear it 2-4 hours daily. You can move the settings of the arm straps every 6-12 weeks for postural improvement. After 12 weeks you should be able to notice the difference in your โ€œability to standโ€.

For common questions on sizing and care of the Baxu Posture Support Product, please see our FAQ.
If you have specific questions on measurement, please feel free to contact us directly.

59 thoughts on “How to Measure For Your Right Size

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Karen:
      I recommend size MEDIUM. you will love the way it feels and on occasion you dont even need to wear a bra, as it lifts yoru shoulders and chest up and back’s you up. ( thats why we call it BAX-U! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you for choosing BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT as your choice of hight quality health.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  1. brian says:

    I just bought the bax- u and bought a medium size and measure around 36 to 38. But i feel like its really tight and really uncomfortable ? Is it suppose to feel like that ? Should i get the large size instead? Please let me know

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Hi Brian.
      For men its sized based on their jacket size. If your jacket size falls into the Medium range watch the “BAX-U FITTING” video on the site or youtube.
      Let us know if this was helpful.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Dolores;

      Thank you for email. Yes that would work, actually I am wearing a small black as we are speaking. ๐Ÿ˜€
      Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
      By the way make sure to watch the ‘BAX-U FITTING” video for BEST results.

      Dr. Ghassemi

  2. Ann says:

    My 12 year old son stands 5’4 and his lower rib cage size is 70 cm (27.5 in). Should I get an xsmall or small (since he is still growing)? In case I need to replace the size, how do I ask for a replacement? Do you cover the shipping for returns?

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Ann
      Thank you for contacting us, and caring for your child’s future. Your son will be better off to wear a small since he is in his growth spur. His adjustability comes from the chest strap which can be altered for him easily.
      We dont cover return shipping but you can certainly find coupons on line that would save you on your initial purchase.

      Dr. Ghassemi

  3. Simin says:


    My Bra size is 36. However, the size I measured at the lower rib level was 33. would you please advise what size of your product is the right choice?


  4. rachelle Elliott says:

    Hi! I wear a 34D bra but on the tightest hook. I measure 34 around as well. Will a medium size tighten up around the ribs to fit super snug if I want it too? Or should I go with a small and hope it has enough room to loosen up in inch for comfort if needed?

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi I am a woman with a very small frame and Barry there shoulders. I wear a 36C bra size and confused what size small or medium to go with?

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Sarah;
      Our sizing is based, on your bra size so if you are a 34 in bra circumference then you are a small.
      Now 36 falls into Medium but if you say your are a petite woman I suggest you buy Small.
      A small has a nice circumference play.

      Wish you all the best.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  6. Sharyn says:

    Hi there, I’m a little confused as to how I measure as a female to buy the correct size. Where it says measure the “chest ribcage” do I measure around my bust or around my rib cage under my bust? Plus, do you post to Sydney, Australia, and, if so, do I have a little longer to send the item back if I am not 100% happy? Thank you kindly in advance.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Sharyn;
      Good day.
      The easiest way is to measurement and easiest is based on your bra size, for example if your bra size is 32 then you are a Small, and if your bra size is 36 you are a medium. To answer your question it is measured under your armpits, over your breast. We do ship to Austrailia, and other countries.

  7. Fatima says:

    I’m a 29 year old woman with a bad posture.
    I wanted to know if you ship to Canada, the return/exchange policy, extra costs and most importantly if i’m a 32B what size should i go with. small or extra small?

      • Dr. Ghassemi says:

        Dear Fatima;
        How are you. Hope you had a good weekend.
        You are correct, you are a small. We do ship to Canada, and you can sign online if any problems please do not hesitate to contact us. Regarding our return policy is 14days money back guaranteed.

        With BAX-U you stand taller, look better and feel healthier.

  8. Bree says:

    Supposedly (and I believe it to be true), a disproportionate number of women wear the wrong bra size. Our bodies change a great deal as we grow and age, and yet most women go many years without being properly sized for a bra. I dare say that some women never do. It would be helpful to have a more detailed video on how to measure to get the proper size for a woman. Could you please show where exactly the measuring tape should lie while measuring? Should the measurement be taken on the inhale, or exhale, as this can make an inch or greater difference.


    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Thank you for contacting us Bree;
      You are so correct in your information, many woman go based on trail and error. When I designed BAX-U, i allowed 4″ play room to fit any woman’s body size. (even the typical size 34 bra can fit in to a small or medium).
      To address your questions, measure the circumference under your breasts at end of an exhalation when body is most comfortable. that would be your measurement.

      I hope we were helpful to you. photos are available on site but i will create a demo video as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
      have a great day.

      Dr. G

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Leen;
      We be happy to ship to Belgium, please see our chart size.
      Use the measurement around the chest. to determine your size.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Shabee;
      I recommend small, if by any chance it dosen’t work out send it back within 14 days un used, we can exchange it for you.
      Dr. G

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Hi Mac
      I usually don’t recommend sleeping with BAX-U Posture Support to my patients. People have different sleep patterns and that can cause irritation to the arm pits (aka- Axilla) for some while sleeping. However we were taught in first year of school that patients know what is best for them, if it works for you and gives you relief then the choice is a personal one.

      Hope this helps.
      Dr. G

  9. Danielle says:

    I have really bad posture and been having a lot of neck and back pains. my dr recommended me to get something for support and to help with my posture. After doing some research online I do believe that the BAX-U would work best for my needs. My question is I see where you have helped others advising of their size, but I am a big lady and not sure if I should get either the large or extra large that would work best for my body. My bra size goes from a 44dd up to a 46dd. that would put me into the large size right?? but I do have a big belly so should I get the extra large size??? Please help!!!

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Danielle:
      I be happy to help you. Don’t worry about the abdominal circumference.
      Please purchase a large, the sizing have a range, of almost 6″ of play room so you have plenty of room for your body size.
      On side note: Watch the instructional fitting video to get the best results for you.
      Wear BAX-U (pronounced back’s you), 2-6 hours per day, for 12-24 months or till you find yourself standing up your without thinking about it. ๐Ÿ˜€
      You can wear BAX-U posture support over cloths or on the skin. Its easier to wear your BAX-U over your bra.
      I hope this was helpful.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Danielle;
      I wrote you a long reply but it just cleared it out.
      You are size LARGE, there is over 6″ play room so you have nothing to worry about.
      Please watch the instructional video on our face book page or click on the link below. Please let your physician know we supply to selected Doctors offices nation wide, they can reach us via our website.

      Hope this was helpful.
      Dr. G

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Jennifer

      Please order a medium/large size. medium runs from 36″- 42″, For best resutlts, Please watch the fitting video.

      Dr. G

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Steven
      You would fit the medium size. Please follow us on facebook bax-u posture brace. we have few fitting videos for you.
      Dr. G

  10. Tom Bryant says:

    I have a problem with the sizing. I’m a male. I ordered a size medium. It fits in terms of chest circumference. However it is too short and I am unable to place the lower strap under my rib cage. It comes across approximately at the bottom of my sternum. Will a size large be longer in length?

    Thank you

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Tom
      Have you had a chance to watch the videos on the web site.

      when you put your brace on dont close the front. First step is to move the two shoulder buckles higher so the T strap in the back is lowered. now pull on the back strap so it lowers to the curve of your spine, then run your fingers to close it in front.
      now watch the video to make the actual change in posture by adjusting the shouler buckels.

      let me know how it gose


  11. Pam says:

    I’m not sure whether to go with a small or a medium. When I measure myself just below my bust around the bottom part of my bra, I measure a 34.5. If I move the tape up slightly to measure across my bust line, I measure a 36.5.

    • Romina Ghassemi says:

      Good Afternoon Oksana.

      80 cm converts to 32 inches. I recommend you purchase a size Small Posture Corrector. Thank you.

  12. John says:

    Hi Dr. Ghassemi – I bought a L-XL that is pretty snug when 100% cinched but I feel like a little tighter may be better. It feels very comfortable and I wear it over a medium-thickness shirt (T-shirt thickness). When I measure based on your 4-fingers video, I get around 41″. I usually wear a 42″ sports jacket. Does this product require additional, less, or the same cinching over time, as your posture straightens up? Should I take my L-XL to a tailor and have them move the velcro down a couple of inches or return for a smaller size. I just got it yesterday. Thank you.

    • Romina Ghassemi says:

      Hi John,

      Thank you so much for purchasing BAX-U Posture Support! For best results, wear your BAX-U directly on your skin, underneath your shirts. I just want to confirm, did you purchase a size L or XL? The brace should fit comfortably and may need to be tightened as your posture improves. If you are already at the tightest fit, a smaller size may be a good idea. Please try BAX-U directly on your skin, under your shirt, and see if that is a better fit. If you do find yourself needing a smaller size, please mail your item to 1450 2nd Street Suite 221 Santa Monica Ca 90401 and include a brief note with your name and the desired size and color you are exchanging for.

      I hope this was helpful and please reach out with any further questions, we are happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚
      BAX-U Customer Service

      • John says:

        Hi – Thank you for the very quick reply. The package shows I purchased the Large (sorry, I got confused by the size chart at the top of this page and thought the size I have is”L-XL”). Wearing it directly on my skin does help, primarily with how the front horizontal strap keeps everything pulled down a little better. But, even doing this and trying my best to keep it pulled down as much as possible, I’m still at the max with the velcro on the vertical straps. No problem, I’ll return it for a Medium to see if that isn’t better for me. It looks like I’m right in between the sizes. Thanks again for your assistance.

        • Romina Ghassemi says:

          Hi John,

          No problem at all, it is our pleasure! It sounds like a size medium will be a better fit for you! I will ship out your size medium as soon as I receive your exchange. Please reach out with any further questions, we are here to help ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thank you,
          BAX-U Customer Service

  13. John says:

    Hi – Thank you for the very quick reply. The package shows I purchased the Large (sorry, I got confused by the size chart at the top of this page and thought the size I have is”L-XL”). Wearing it directly on my skin does help, primarily with how the front horizontal strap keeps everything pulled down a little better. But, even doing this and trying my best to keep it pulled down as much as possible, I’m still at the max with the velcro on the vertical straps. No problem, I’ll return it for a Medium to see if that isn’t better for me. It looks like I’m right in between the sizes. Thanks again for your assistance.

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