Posture Neck Pillow – Designed to protect your neck


Warranty: 1 Year


The BAX-U Posture Neck Pillow is a product that helps promote stability to your neck. It is made of mix use, soft and rm foam.
It was designed by Dr. Ghassemi, a Doctor of Chiropractic, specializing in spinal correction programs.
She is the inventor of several posture products. See for more information.

Normal posture is when your neck you earlobe is aligned with middle of your shoulder. An average weight of an adults head is approximately 15 lbs. For every 1” (10mm) forward of head position there is an extra 10-15 lbs. of overloading pressure on your neck and upper back muscles. The “BAX-U Neck Brace” design is intended to help reduce Forward Head Carriage Syndrome.” Dr. Ghassemi D.C. believes supporting the thoracic spine (mid & upper back) when wearing BAX-U Posture Support Brace, will be most benecial when worn with BAX-U Posture Neck Pillow. She creatively combined the best features of a bulky Medical Cervical Collar and the Soft Neck pillow to design a comfortable, functional and usable Posture Kit. Each item can be worn separately or combined.

Shape: The Shape is designed to promote normal Cervical Spine Curve at its
optimal level to protect your neck while sitting.

Extra Support: The inner curve can help promote Cervical curve.
The length of the brace is to provide support for the neck to rest your head on, this simply helps reduce loading on supporting muscles of the neck and upper back