Just Inside, Dr G discusses what Bad Posture is doing to US ALL
and Reveals what she HAD TO DO about it!

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What you'll find inside

  • BAD POSTURE effects!

    Can make you look shorter and heavier than you are.

    Can cause higher feelings of depression and lower energy.

    Is the underlying cause of chronic pain and also causes headaches, numbness and tingling.

    Produces postural imbalance in your muscles.


  • How BaX-u helps?

    The BaX-u Posture Support System is a high quality posture strap for helping to fix bad posture in the computer age. It’s a 21st century solution for you to prevent slouching and spinal degradation, and to improve the form and function of your posture. It will make you stand taller, look thinner and feel better.

  • What people are SAYING!

    “It made me feel like I was two inches taller.”

    “Definitely pulls my shoulders back and doesn’t put any strain on my back. Very comfortable.”

    “It completely builds your confidence when you wear it.  You know you’re completely aligned when you stand up.”


  • Medicare Approved

    Some PPO insurances will reimburse for the product if deemed medically necessary for your health by your physician.

  • Bonus 1

    It is safer and therefore preferable to deal with back pain in a natural manner if possible, and that is the primary topic of “Dealing with Backpain the Natural Way”.


  • Bonus 2

    “Exercise Your Way To Physical Health” looks into The Importance Of Maintaining A Strong Body Today And Into The Future.

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