Dr. Romina Ghassemi, D.C.

Inventor of BaX-u.
Owner/Clinic Director of San Pedro Chiropractic and Posture.

As a 1995 graduate of THE UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED HEALTH & SCIENCES in Whittier, CA, Dr. Romina Ghassemi was eager and ready to save the world, and soon set her mission: “To help those suffering needlessly, and to enlighten the community about their ability to live healthier lives through prevention”.

Her philosophy was simple: “Your spine is your life source. Protect your spine, protect your life.”

Diagnosing the Real Problem
During the early years of her practice, Dr. Ghassemi was blessed with healing hands and a passion to help. She was successful in helping patients become pain free but she wanted more than just eliminating pain; she wanted to find the UNDERLYING CAUSE of the problem.

The WHY.

What was the commonality between fatigue, headaches, vision and balance problems? Between sinus problems, upper back and neck pain, numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers, knots in the back, slouching, indigestion, arthritis, disc problems…the list was endless!

Patients symptoms and complaints were always the same, as well: the hunch developing on back of their neck, poor posture, rounded shoulders, or Forward Head Position (FHS).

“I look old,” and “I can’t sit up straight,” were common to hear from patients.

Investigations always led back to Recurrent Micro-Neurological Interruptions, aka Nerve Pinches due to POSTURAL COMPENSATION AND ADAPTATIONS.

Surely there was a better solution than symptom care, and she soon realized there wasnot just a better solution, but a simple one: prevent the cause from occurring in the first place!

The Posture Brace Story
Now that the mission was set, the challenge was to deliver an effective, usable, functional, fashionable, incognito posture brace support!

Dr. Ghassemi researched and analyzed the question to exhaustion, and was almost overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge. As is often the case, the answer came to her at the unlikeliest of times. Waiting for a flight to take off after attending a biomechanics of spinal correction seminar in late 2007, her brain suddenly exploded with a vision.

It was so complete and vivid as to be surreal, and she became ecstatic, scribbling the thoughts and ideas her brain had unleashed on a series of napkins – she was sure the airline attendant thought her quite mad!

Many other napkins and newspaper corners found themselves covered with her scribblings over the next period of time, and finally, in the Summer of 2009, Dr. Ghassemi pulled all of her materials together and decided the vision was complete…it was time to follow and fulfill her dream. Time to deliver the message:

The BaX-u Posture Support System.
Look good. Feel better. And Nobody has to know.
Thus, this is why, as you’ll read throughout the rest of this site, PREVENTION & SUPPORT are the purposes of the BaX-u. Wearing Bax-u brings spinal awareness.

Just as brushing your teeth daily reduces cavities, wearing BaX-u daily reduces postural degeneration and health decay.

Dr Romina Ghassemi
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6 thoughts on “Dr. Romina Ghassemi, D.C.

  1. Julie Dacosta says:

    i have tried calling and had emailed you already and had not got an answer as to replacing the back support for a smaller size

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Julie
      I belive customer service took care of you. Pardon the delay in response.
      Please visit our bax-u Fitting video on youtube for how to fit bax-u for better results.

      Wishing you good Health

      Dr. Ghassemi

  2. dolores reich says:

    poor posture allmy life i am 69 yrs ols and pain between shoulder blades sometime i am desperate in straighting posture

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Dolores
      Please take proactive actions such as swimming, yoga, massage, Chiropractic treatment.
      Waling with BAX-U 20 -45 MIN per day can improve resetting your neuromuscular behavior and help promote better posture.
      Have you ordered yours?
      My mom is 72 and she wears it around the house & when she goes out for walks. She looks & feels taller 😀

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