We’re always available to answer questions about our back brace and posture support products, and how they can help you improve your posture and overall health.

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  1. lori says:

    I am looking to purchase the Bax-U; I will be checking with my Dr. & insurance. I have a question regarding sizing as I want to make sure I have the most support for my size. I am 5’2″, 108lbs, and my chest measurement – right under breast, where my bra band would go – measures at just about 28″. I see that this is the lowest range for a small and wondering if I should go with small, or opt for an Xsml instead?
    thank you

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Lori

      I would highly recommend a Small for you and please use our youtube video on ‘BAX-U FITTING’ to help wearing your support effectively.
      Thank you for choosing BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT as your choice of hight quality health.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  2. Manjit says:

    Hi, I notice in the countries you ship to, Australia is not included? Is this an error? As New Zealand and Antartica are available? Please advise thank you

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Manjit:
      Due to previous high cost of shipping we are working the details with local (Australian) distributor who can provide the prodcuts for you.
      At this momoent its best you contact our customer serivce at 866-8662225(BACK) to obtain the product you need.

      All the best
      Dr. Ghassemi

  3. pboorse says:

    I have filled out all information to order but there is no place for enter order. Just keeps taking me back to the same information

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear PBOORSE;
      Our system shows your message was not delivered.
      We have fixed the computer issue, if any problems please contact us at 866-866 2225 (BACK)
      Please advise us if we can be of further assistance.

      Thank you for choosing BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT as your choice of hight quality health.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  4. Mohamed says:

    hey, i live in oslo, Norway. and I want to buy BAX u Posture M. but I have not amazon account, it is possible to pay with Visa Card? or do you have stores near me.


    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Mohammad
      we do not have a store in Oslo, Norway. However you can contact us at 866-8662225 (BACK) and we can ship one to you directly.

      Dr. Ghassemi

  5. andrealinagep says:

    Good afternoon, I live in Mexico City and I really want to buy the Bax-u. When I click to check out it says that there is no shipping method available. What can I do to buy one?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Andrea
      I know its been over 2 months since your posted yoru question.
      Pardon the delay. We will be activating Amazon Mexico on January and you should be able to purchase then.

      All the best
      Dr. Ghassemi

  6. Khulood says:

    I have tried to buy BAX U posture corrector from amazon but all of sellers dont providing international shipping for this item .

    Also i tried to order it for your website and i feel disappointed when i found no international shipping through your website .

    Please let me know how i can get this item throgh other website , or is it avaliable in Jeddah ,Saudia Arabia.


    • Dr. Ghassemi says:


      We will be delighted to help you ship directly to Saudia Arabia. However the shipping and customs will apply per individual country. If you accept that please contact our customer service at 866-866-2225 (BACK) or email us at

      On a helpful note: We are currently availble in IRAN, you might have better luck reviceing yoru shippment from there here is a contact that migh be able to support you in timely fashion.

      Wishing you all the best.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  7. Melanie Young says:

    hi there,
    your sizing guide is not coming up on my computer. could you please advise me what size bax u i should order? i wear a size 34d bra. also, can you ship to australia?
    thanks from mel young

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Melanie;
      You are a medium / small. In your case if I may recommend a MEDIUM.
      Please watch the fitting video to help you achive maximum benifits.

      Austrailia, has very costly customs and shipping, I belive you can find BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT on EBAY in Austrailia.
      If any problems please contact our customer support line at 866-8662225 (BACK).

      Thank you for choosing BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT as your choice of hight quality health.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  8. louise schultze says:

    Is there any stockists in Australia? You mail to every single country accept Australia???
    Really would love to purchase one. You have ebay competitors selling them to Australia for a higher price than you are selling them.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Louise;

      We are happy to mail it to you however the customs and shipping laws to Austrailia will rais the cost immensly.
      Would you have any family or freinds who are coming to the states that can pick up here and bring it for you?
      That might help reduce your cost.
      Other than that you might be better off to purchase it via Ebay in Austrailia.
      Please advise how we can be of further assistance to you.

      Again, thank you for choosign BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT as higher quality healthy living.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  9. Michelle Burke says:

    I understand that your company is exhibiting at this year’s Medtrade Connect, Georgia World Congress Center 2015.

    So would you be interested in reaching out to Healthcare executives, Healthcare device distributers or any other specialists?

    We have developed comprehensive and multi-channel Healthcare professionals’ contact database with NPI, Email Address, Specialty Information, Mailing address, Telephone number, etc.? If your answer is yes, then we can make our complete 1.5Million+ Healthcare Industry contacts available for you for the show. This data file is comprised of:

    • 1.3Million Healthcare professionals’ (Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc..)
    • 200,000+ Hospital executives’ contacts
    • 30,000+ Top Level Decision Makers from Home Health, Hospice and Long Term care centers

    If this email sparkle your interest, let me know and I will get back to you with few sample contacts for review from there we can take it to next step.

    Thanks for time on reading this email and I look forward for your response.

    Michelle Burke
    Tradeshow Reach.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Andrea
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We be happy to ship to UK for you as we have lots of reqeust from europe.
      However if I may suggest, we are on AMAZON UK currently and it would be much more cost effective for you to shop from there.

      Hope this information was helpful to you, and thank you for choosing BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT as a higher quality product for your health.

      In Good Health
      Dr. Ghassemi

  10. ovsan says:


    Ilive in Australia and would really like tp purchase this product but I cant because Australia is NOT on your list of counties……is that an oversight or do you not send to Australia please? I hope that you will reply to my email very soon. thanks so much.

    Kind Regards

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Ovsan;
      We have shipped to Australia, however customs and shippig fees are based on yoru country’s terms of agreement
      What color and size would you need?

      Dr. Ghassemi

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Nawaal;

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      We do ship to UK, infact for being late I like to offer you $5.00 off your order.
      Please advise that the international shipping & customes law apply.

      Wishing you all the best

  11. Bethany says:

    I have sent multiple emails and left voicemails trying to figure out when I should receive my posture corrector, placed on October 7th. I have not received any shipping information, and no one has responded to my inquiries.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Bethany

      Our records show it was shipped.
      Hope this information was helpful to you, and thank you for choosing BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT as a higher quality product for your health.

      In Good Health
      Dr. Ghassemi

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Anna;

      Thank you for your email. We can direct ship to you from our wear-house. If you already have an account with DHL we can use yours if not typical S&H is about $40.00 that takes about 10days.
      Would you like us to start the process for you?

      Please Advise
      Dr. Ghassemi

  12. RBJarrett says:

    Hi – I’m looking for a good comfortable posture correction brace. When reading your refund return polices
    # 3. All items must be returned in their original condition, unworn and unwashed.
    I’d like you to explain how someone can try this Item out to see If it
    fits and is wearable and comfortable, If it must be unworn to be able to return. ???
    I have no Idea how to tryout an Item that is required to be worn to see If it will be the correct size ,support, fit and still be unworn .
    Please Explain

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Jarrett;
      We shall correct the information “unworn”.
      We have very satisfied patients and customers and I hope you will be another one of the successful member of our team for better health. Also when wearing it, watch the video on “BAX-U Fitting”, for best results.

      By the way I named it BAX-U simply because it “back’s you” when putting it on 😀

      Happy Holidays
      Dr. Romina Ghassemi

  13. dolores reich says:

    I have had poor posture all my life, I am 69 years old. and I has only gotten worse,with headaches, pain in the back, like a migrance would be, and it can and does cause othe health problems, I take pribe on the way I look, and it is also making walking and be steady on my legs worse.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Dolores.
      Thank you for taking time to write to us. Yes posture will affect your balance.
      BAX-U posture support will bring you in better alignment with gravity and that alone will help with your body balance. ( gravitational weight line).
      What matters is to not only feel good but why not look better at the same time without intrupting your daily activities. That is why BAX-U is designed to be hidden under clothing, the adjustability factor allows you to gradually over time make an impact in your posture. Wear it 2-6 hours per day, 12-24 weeks. Daily walks (20-30min) with BAX-U on will help your neuro-muscular system to retrain the proprioceptive receptors to adapt in new position. In other words you find your self standing up taller and have better posture without thinking about it. Stay in touch with us, we are bringing in some home care for you.
      Hope I was helpful.

      Dr. Ghassemi

  14. Marcellius says:

    Hi Doctor, I have a question, I recently bought your bax u, and I wonder, can I use it all day even when I sleep? or do I have to use a certain amount of time on day?
    and how long can you see the difference?

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Marcellius;
      The protocall is to wear it 2-6 hours per day for 12-24 weeks. Each day you put the BAX-U Posture Support on, make sure you start from the looses point and tighten it based on your daily need. You see it took you time to build into poor posture. So give your self time 😀
      For best results put BAX-U on and go for 20 min walks once a day at least, while your head is held high. Actively wearing BAX-U Posture Support helps retrain your neuro-musclula-skeletal system to learn new body pattern. Once you find your self standing up better without your support that is when you wear it as needed basis.

      Regarding sleeping with it,… I don’t recommend it unless it helps you. That would be a personal decision. Sleeping with BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT is not recommended, mainly because general population are side sleepers and that could compress the anatomicla structures in Axila region (shoulder/torso).

      I hope your concerns were addressed. Wishing you all the best, This valentine please give the gift of health (BAX-U) to those you love.
      Dr. Ghassemi

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Gayle;
      Good day. Thank you for your response.
      We are actually working with a group of Physical Therapists to provide BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT in Australia and Asia.
      We shall keep you posted.
      Dr. Ghassemi

  15. Negar says:

    Hi Dr. Ghassemi,
    I have problem in sizing. Base on a videos in youtube, I know that I wear 34B Bra but when I measure the chest rib cage it is 30 inch. Should I buy small?
    What is your return and exchange policy?

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Negar;

      Please order small, that is your size.
      Our return policy is 14 days no questions asked ;D

      Dr Ghassemi

  16. May says:

    Hi Dr. Ghassemi,
    I live in the Netherlands and I was wondering if there would be any way to get your product here. I looked up on Amazon (from the states and other EU countries) but none of them ship to the Netherlands. Could you ship the product for me please?

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Hi Mary,
      Yes if you purchase from our website we can ship to the Netherlands. On the checkout page just select your country and enter your checkout. Shipping will change to international shipping. Hope this helps.

  17. Rachel says:

    Hi Dr Ghassemi,

    I just received my item the day before yesterday (I live in Australia). I notice when I put it on, the support panels finish very high around my neck – even when the support is set to quite loose. This means that even when wearing a t-shirt with a high neckline, it is very visible and obvious. I am wondering if I need a bigger size? I followed the sizing chart provided, but it doesn’t seem to look like it fits on your website videos on me. I would really love to properly try using the item, is it possible to send back the current size and get the next size up (if you think this is the best option)? Unfortunately I can’t wear it or use it as it is, given how obvious it is – I bought it to wear at work. Thank you, Rachel

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Rachel
      How are you? Thank you for your note, we will be happy to take care of your exchange. Try this first and let us know. Here are the KEY differnce to avoid the neck area showing.

      Wear your BAX-U brace like a shirt.
      1- Loosen the shoulder straps and move them up on top of your shoulders. (keep it loose)
      2- Pull as low as possible on the back “T” support almost 2-4cm= 1″-2″ below your neck line. (so it dosent show under a T-shirt/ shirt, the lower you pull down the more adjustablility you have on the shoulder area.)
      3- Close the chest area.
      4- Now the “Shoulder adjustablility”:
      A- Open the velcor of right shoulder with right hand.
      B- Bring your elbow on same level as your shoulder,
      C- Look up
      D- Roll your elbow in half circle motion towards the back,
      E- Pull on the shoulder adjustable velcor hook (rough end) about (2-3cm= 1″-1.5″)
      F- Place/ close/ stick on top of the shoulder velcor loop (soft area on shoulder).
      G- Feel about 25-30% shoulder retraction. Dont go for a dramatic shift as the muscles will fatigue and it will not last long!

      This correct wear will result in:
      1- keep the upper “V” away from your neck
      2- retract your shoulders
      3- allows yoru mid/lower back to act as a pivital point in moving you in better alighment and stronger muscles.

      you should feel:
      –More straight
      –Still have flexabilty of movment without slouching 🙂

      All the above is in a video that you can find on the site []: Go to ORDER NOW scrol to bottom page, and watch how I run thru the above steps.

      I hope this helps, Please write back to me at with an update.


  18. Rachel says:

    Hi Dr G
    Thank you so much for your email and those tips. I will try that approach for the next few days and see if there is any difference and improvement. Fingers crossed!

  19. Rachel says:

    Hi Dr G,
    Have sent you an email, need to return for a bigger size. If you could let me know the process/address that would be great. Thanks 🙂

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Dear Rachel;
      Danielle from customer service will be contacting you on monday 10:00am PST to get this exchange process taken care of.

      Thank you

      • Rachel says:

        Hi Dr G,

        I haven’t received any contact still from customer service. Would be great to get the exchange done asap given that it takes 2 weeks each way by post to reach Australia-USA, and I am eager to start using it. Thanks, Rachel

        • Dr. Ghassemi says:

          Dear Racheal
          Danielle at customer serives, initiated the exchnage instructions and I was cc’ed on the emailon Monday. Will you please check your spam box []. I will resend it to you from my account as well.
          Keep us posted today as well.
          Thank you

          • Rachel says:

            Hi Dr G,
            How strange! I have gone through SPAM already but went through again today, not in there. Yes, if you could re-send that would be great. Sounds like it’s stuck somewhere in cyber space 🙂 Will keep my eyes out. Thanks again, Rachel

  20. Rachel says:

    Hi Dr G
    Have sent an email to Danielle at customer service email and one to your email also, just so you have my email address and hopefully my inbox will recognise yours! We will make it work 🙂 Thanks, Rachel

  21. Fubuki Shirou says:

    Hi , Does it provides shipping to india. On an average, how much time it will take to shipped this product to Mumbai, India

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Yes we do. It typically can take up to 2-3 weeks and the pricing for that is $24.95 for the international shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help.


  22. Fubuki Shirou says:

    Hii Dr. Ghassem,
    My size at lower rib cage is 33. what posture belt size i should choose. Small Or Medium? Also Due tothe offer i was unable to posture belt of color Nude Or Black(which was out of stock). When will be that colors will be available for sell for size mentioned. Let me know please.

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  24. Norbert Hibbeln says:

    Hi Dr. Ghassemi,
    I live in Ontario, Canada and would like to purchase your product. I see it listed on via Think Healthy Inc but it doesn’t list the size I need. Based on measurements I think I would need a M-L as I measure 38″ at the lower rib cage. How do I go about ordering this preferably via Is there another supplier?
    Thank You

  25. Norbert Hibbeln says:

    Sorry I meant to add that as per info shown on , the sizing category goes M-L 36-40 and then L-XL 42-52, yet your website shows M as 36-42 and L as I am not sure which sizing reference to use?

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      You are more than welcome to call customer service at (866)866-2225 and we can help you order the correct product and size at your convenience. As for size, if your measurement is 38″, you need the medium.

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Good Morning Norman,
      You can buy the BaX-u here on our website and we can ship it to you out in the Philippines.

      Thank you

  26. Stela Christian says:


    I have a desk job of 9 hours per day. The recommended time to wear BaX-u is 2 to 6 hours. Can I wear it for 9 hours a day while I am at work?

    Thank you!

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Good Morning Stela.

      The 2-6 hour range is the recommended time frame to begin with which allows your body time to adjust to the posture corrector. Once you feel your body has accepted the adjustment, you can definitely wear it for the duration of your work shift. I have many customers that wear it daily to work for proper posture support.

      Thank you!

  27. Ritika says:

    Hi Dr. Ghassemi,

    Do you deliver to Singapore as well?
    Also, incase the size is not okay, are we eligible for an exchange/refund?

    • Dr. Ghassemi says:

      Good Morning Ritika,

      We deliver Internationally for the benefit of people everywhere. We honor a 14 day Return/Exchange policy. If the size is incorrect, contact our Customer Service team within 14 days of receiving the product. They will assist you with processing the exchange. You can reach our Customer Service team at (866)866-2225 or by email at

      Thank you.

  28. jessica says:

    I have recently purchased the bax u posture brace.i am 5 inches and weigh 150 lbs.i am double d bust size.i got a size medium but the bottom strap by rib cage keeps on running up on me.should i get a large size instead?

    • Romina Ghassemi says:

      Dear Jessica
      I am sorry we missed you. The team was in training for our new product, scheduled to be launched in October. Sorry to miss you how can we help you?

  29. Mark says:

    I believe there are quite a few posture braces which will discourage slouching, but that is not my only problem. I have torticollis, which results in my head tilting to the right unless I am thinking about making it stay straight up. So my question before purchase is: will your product prevent (or at least discourage) my head tilt? Thanks.

    Mark in Pennsylvania, USA

    • Romina Ghassemi says:

      Hi Mark
      Was your Torticollis acquired (hapend in adulthood )or congenital (borne with)?
      Either or you would benifite form baxu posture support (wear 2-6hrs/ day, 12-24 weeks)
      you will benifite from our products in two ways:
      1- Align’s your torso with gravity to reduce the overwork to your neck, extensor stablizing muscles,
      2- BAX-U neck supports to retrain your cervical curve. Lay on the neck support 5-20min / day 2-4/x based on your comfort, use in conjuntion with BAX-U Posture Support when driving, sitting or watching TV.

      You can watch our videos on both products.
      Hope this was helpful.

      Dr. Romina

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