Back Brace For Under Clothes

baxu for physiciansFor me, designing the Bax-U had an additional purpose beyond teaching people how to improve posture and to help with back pain.

I wanted to create something I’d never seen before – an effective back brace for under clothes.

Back braces that are well hidden, I’d seen. Effective back braces? Sure.

Both elements in one brace? That combination has been elusive for the industry, and was elusive for me for a long time, as well.

It took literally years of development and testing, but with the Bax-U, I finally nailed it.

The reason this was so important to me was simple.

As a chiropractor at the Opus Medical Center, I’d seen far too many patients hesitant to get the help they needed because wearing a back brace was quite simply ugly.

Not only that, but some would stretch, pinch or otherwise damage clothing. The perceived value in relief was trumped by the reality of wasted money, or mangling a favorite shirt or blouse.

The only solution was a sleek, well-made, effective back brace for under clothes.

That was my mission with the Bax-U. I’m proud of the team that helped put it together – there’s nothing else like it on the market, and we truly feel it’s the best back brace out there, AND the most reliable, effective one.

Dr. Ghassemi

Dr. Romina Ghassemi is a chiropractor in San Pedro, CA and the inventor of the Bax-U Posture Support.